Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Yosemite National Park was jaw-dropping. Whether you’re an outdoorsy person or not, you absolutely must go at some point in your life. We were lucky to go after most of the crowds had left in October. I had read this wasn’t a great month to visit because most of the waterfalls would be dry but I thought that on the contrary, it was a really good time to go. The park was so quiet it sometimes felt like we had it almost to ourselves. We did miss out on some of the waterfalls but there were[...]
San Francisco, USA

San Francisco

When it comes to traveling, I usually try to avoid going back to cities where I have already been. This is mostly because I have so many places in the world where I want to go that I feel I’ll never get to them all if I keep going back to the same places over and over again. But there are a handful of cities that I’d happily make an exception for. San Francisco is one of them. Much like London, I could happily go there several times a month every month or even live there without ever getting tired of it. It’s not just[...]
Northern California, USA

Our Road Trip in Northern California

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed a few weeks ago that I posted some photos of our recent trip to the US. Richard was really keen to explore Yosemite and I really wanted to go back to San Francisco where I had spent a weekend years ago. With this year marking Rich’s 30th birthday, we thought it’d be the perfect reason to hop across the pond and tick another trip off our (rather long) list of bucket list trips. We decided to focus on Northern California because I already knew a lot of Southern Calif[...]
Formentera, Spain

Summer in Formentera, Spain

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Back in June, I was in desperate need of a holiday. I had just gone through a really busy time at work and all I wanted to do was to just soak up the sunshine and chill at the beach all day, cocktail in hand. Formentera,  the smallest of the Balearic Islands in Spain, came to mind. I had read an article about it in a magazine the previous year and it sounded heavenly: secluded white-sanded beaches that looked like they were straight out of a Caribbean postcard, fantastic food scene with lots of fresh seafood, cool boho be[...]
Porto, Portugal

Birthday weekend in Porto, Portugal

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If you’re a long-time reader of the blog then you have probably noticed I very rarely celebrate my birthday in my home country (France) or my adoptive country (England). My plan usually consists in escaping to another country and celebrating there. In the past 4 years, I’ve turned one year older in Spain, the Netherlands, Iceland and this year, Portugal. Our trip to Lisbon last year was a big part of why I decided to go to Porto this year. We had such a fantastic time munching on pasteis de bata, strolling the streets o[...]
Oxford, UK

Easter Weekend in Oxford

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A few weeks ago, Richard and I went to Oxford for a long weekend. I had been wanting to go back for years. It’s such a beautiful city; the architecture is gorgeous, the history is incredible and they have the most fantastic museums. I love that there are bicycles everywhere and lots of great cafes, bars and restaurants.   We stayed at the Tower House on Ship Street. From the outside, you probably wouldn’t even know it’s a hotel/guest house. There is no fancy sign or a reception area. The rooms are part of an 8[...]
Suffolk, UK

Valentine’s Weekend at Ickworth House, Suffolk

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January and February are what I would call my hibernation months. You can usually find me either at work or at home, hiding away from the cold. This involves me being all wrapped up under layers and layers of wooly jumpers, patiently waiting for the warmer days to arrive. I did make an exception to my hibernation rule last weekend when Richard surprised me with a weekend getaway to celebrate Valentine’s day. I kept on quizzing him throughout the whole drive and only figured it out when I saw the sign to Ickworth when[...]

I’m back + some exciting news

I’m back! Or at least this is me trying to make a come back. Shortly after we returned from our trip to Malta, Richard & I received some great news regarding a project we'd been working on for a few months…. Buying a house! I cannot believe how quickly and smoothly everything went through. It feels so surreal to say that we are now homeowners.  We moved in last month and it’s been a whirlwind of packing, moving, unpacking, sorting out utilities, rummaging through cardboard boxes… etc. But we’re now[...]

Mdina, the silent city

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Mdina used to be the capital of Malta many many moons ago. It was then moved to Birgu (Vittoriosa), one of the Three Cities opposite Valletta, leaving Mdina rather quiet. This could explain its nickname, “The Silent City”. It seems to me like they have tried to keep things as quiet as possible  since then. They don’t allow many cars through the gates, certainly not tourist cars, just some of the locals’. Most people get dropped off from buses or park their cars just outside the city gates between Mdina and nei[...]

Exploring Gozo Island

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  When we initially started researching the Maltese Islands for our holiday, we were torn between basing ourselves in Malta - the biggest island of the archipelago - and Gozo - the second biggest island. The scenery looked equally stunning on both islands but there was something that felt a bit more ‘real’ and slow-paced on Gozo. In the end, we settled for Malta, mostly because there was an awful lot we wanted to do there but also because it was more convenient with the airport being so close-by.   But with that b[...]